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The technology services industry is competitive, so it's critical to find a partner who can offer new routes to market. At Advanced Residential Marketing (ARM), we provide a large, experienced program that offers all the necessary resources, tools, and expertise to increase your profit potential.

Our nationwide force of professionally trained and direct sales specialists, in conjunction with our proven marketing methods, provide the greatest opportunity to evaluate your customer's needs and maximize value by establishing a face-to-face relationship.

An Introduction to Advanced Residential Marketing

Founded in 2008, ARM employs more than 3,000 representatives that provide nationwide coverage. Each representative undergoes a background check, is licensed as well as professionally trained, and undergoes testing to ensure the best possible service.

We are dedicated to providing unique marketing opportunities for customers and representatives alike. Whether you are interested in selling for us or having us sell for you, our goal is to deliver results based on industry-proven training, nationwide coverage, and a personalized approach.

At ARM, we provide our business customers with opportunities to:

  • Find new routes to market and increase their marketshare
  • Decrease the costs of direct marketing by providing a sales force of experienced individual specialists with the best possible training and credentials
  • Deliver unique branding opportunities based on a
    personal approach
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We provide our marketing representatives with opportunities for:

  • The best possible training and certification, based on integrity and respect
  • Increased personal growth and self-improvement
  • Access to innovative technology to assist in the sales and marketing process
  • Virtually unlimited earning potential
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What We Provide

We specialize and take pride in our door-to-door consultative sales approach. We are confident in this approach. Door-to-door, or direct sales, gives customers the ability to ask questions and get advice in a relaxed environment, as well as build trusted relationships with you through our representatives. In addition, many customers enjoy the convenience of having their products delivered directly to their home.

By professionally training, licensing, and testing our representatives, we provide the opportunity to build these personal ties with your customers. And trusted relationships create long-term business and strong loyalty.

To enhance those ties, create supplemental branding opportunities, and a cohesive sales experience, our representatives wear a picture identification, with unique verification information so that a customer can validate who the representative is and who the representative works for. The representatives also wear a uniform with your branding on it. This means that your company retains the strength of its independent name while taking advantage of the ARM experience.

'In the commercial context, solicitation may have considerable value. Unlike many other forms of commercial expression, solicitation allows direct and spontaneous communication between buyer and seller. Personal interchange enables a potential buyer to meet and evaluate the person offering the product or service and allows both parties to discuss and negotiate the desired form for the transaction or professional relation.'
­— U.S. Supreme Court ruling Edenfield v. Fane, 507 U.S. 761, 766 (1993)

Why ARM?

With years of experience and industry-proven methods, we provide the best possible service as well as a number of unique marketing options.

  • Proven door-to-door approach
  • Bilingual representatives, including Spanish, French, German,
    Chinese and many others
  • Professionally trained and experienced representatives
  • Marketing and design services
  • Innovative technology that helps create new customers

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What You Can Expect

Working for ARM is more than just a job—it's an experience. In addition to the success that comes from being a door-to-door marketing specialist, you can discover new cities, focus on self-improvement, and take part in a truly unique atmosphere.

As an ARM representative, you will have the opportunity to maximize the return you get out of the work you put into this company. Because this work presents daily interactions with people, the satisfaction of providing critical products and services, and invaluable training, you can do more than just earn a paycheck. Our reps leave with more confidence, a better work ethic, and improved social skills.

Why ARM?

When you choose to become a sales specialist for ARM, you can take advantage of a number of benefits that you are unable to gain from any other company, including:

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • The ability to work independently and be your own boss
  • Opportunities to meet new people and live in new cities
  • Improved confidence, work ethic, and social skills

If you're looking for a unique work experience, ARM is the answer. To get more information or to apply to sell for us, fill out the information below.

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